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Permanent Magnet EV Powertrain

The PMEV series of EV powertrains are advanced OEM electric vehicle motor, transmission and inverter packages ranging from 40kW to 200kW, developed in response to the global demand for a mass-production EV Powertrain capable of delivering leading performance, range and reliability.


The PMEV series powertrains are available as a fully integrated EV Powertrain package, or as individual motor and inverter components.



  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • High torque and power density

  • High efficiency throughout the operation range (>90%)

  • Low cogging torque, low rotor inertia

  • Lightweight and compact

  • Water-cooled IGBT inverter and motor to maximize durability

  • IP67 enclosure class to maximize reliability

  • 3-in-1 drivetrain with 2-in-1 optional

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