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Brushless Permanent Magnet Motors

Rapid Powertrain Innovation

BLACMOTOR is devoted to developing...

Original Equipment Manufacturers in need of product revolution.


We partner with our customers to win the innovation game with our systems-focused design approach to powertrain development 

BLACMOTOR is able to rapidly progress concepts through the product development cycle and into production with world class R&D for each application engineering and manufacturing.


We are an integrated powertrain partner to OEMs.


Saving You Time

We devote BLACMOTOR to developing revolutionary power unit systems for your products so you don't have to. 

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Improve brand equity through differentiation while reducing system complexities, materials and cost.

Integrated Solutions

An opportunity to improve brand equity through differentiation. Reduces system complexities, materials and cost.


Our agile R&D and application engineering teams will accelerate your time to market.

Our Products

Permanent Magnet Industrial and Electric Vehicle Power Units 


PM300 Industrial Permanent Magnet Direct-Drive Motors

Unprecedented Agility. Impeccable Performance.

BLACMOTOR brings together the innovators in permanent magnet direct drive motor development, with precision and scale manufacturing to solve the problems of product revolution.

We have the flexibility to design and build custom integrated powertrain solutions for the smallest OEMs, and we are ready  scale your concept into series production on our automated assembly lines.

We are pushing the boundaries in design  to set the standard in torque density, improved efficiency, and value to meet the demands of modern product specifications.


Permanent Magnet 

Industrial Direct Drive

Electric Vehicle Powertrain

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle

Brushless AC Low Voltage Systems

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