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Our Mission

Provide our customers with advanced motor systems and integration support  that allows them to innovate and build value in their brand.

Our Story

BLACMOTOR formed to meet the demand of Original Equipment Manufacturers with an interest in keeping their products market relevant and competitive. 

OEMs are looking for differentiation, brand value, and where their development energy provides the best return.  We have demonstrated how a collaborative approach to product development provides the surest and fastest way to revolutionize a product line.

We are co-innovating with our customers to bring their business concepts to reality in a cost-effective, rapid and scalable way. 

It all started with a meeting of the minds in a Southern California workshop. Two experienced industry professionals decided to work on a custom motor product together, and over time, it became very apparent that they had a shared vision about innovating multiple industries with brushless AC motors. BLACMOTOR was born of their passion to develop solutions to a problem worth solving. 


As natural entrepreneurs with backgrounds in mechanical engineering and product development, BLACMOTOR’s founders bring over 30 years of combined experience in [developing unique engineering and strategic solutions in a variety of verticals from manufacturing, energy efficiency and automotive to government and construction. 


Their depth of experience and knowledge, along with their innate curiosity and tireless drive to innovate, makes BLACMOTOR the perfect partner for manufacturers seeking to make their mark and increase their brand value.

Experienced Leadership

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